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 Application Process

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HLS Team
HLS Team

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PostSubject: Application Process   Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:08 pm

The application process is very simple; post the following information here first.

X Box Live ID:
Email Address:
Area representing:
Game mode preferred:
A brief explanation as to why you think you would be good for the team and why you deserve to join.

Name: Carlos Murillo
Age: 23
X Box Live ID: nombredeuno
Email Address: clanHLS@yahoo.com
Area representing: San Diego
Game mode preferred: Hardcore Team Deathmatch
I deserve to be on the team because I'm good, play hard and always win.... blah blah blah!!

Everyone will hear back from me and will have the chance to try out. You will be put through a screening process that involves playing in all game modes against a clan leader or clan team. I will choose whether you're right for the team depending on how well you did in all game modes with us and against us. Good Luck to all who apply.
..... NoMBReDeuNo
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PostSubject: Re: Application Process   Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:48 pm

Name: Mikey N.
Age: 19
X Box Live ID: xI K1CK 3A3IESx
Email Address: clutchgeargasgo@hotmail.com
Area representing: CANADA!
Game mode preferred: Hardcore Team Death & Hardcore Search & Destroy.
I should be apart of this clan simply for the fact I love Call of Duty, great team player and obviously got good kill to death ratio!
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Application Process
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